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Kitchen User guide(s) with Thierry Marx

Cuisine Mode d'Emplois is a training centre for cooking, baking and service professions for people undergoing professional retraining, which trains around 250 people a year.

The aim of this project is to provide free training. The course lasts 11 weeks, leading to a diploma recognised by the State and also by the professional sector. Since 2012, 90% of the trainees who have followed our training courses have found a job. All training courses are conducted by professionals who work in renowned institutions. Cuisine Mode d'Emploi was born from the meeting between Thierry Marx and Frédérique Calendra, mayor of the 20th arrondissement of Paris. For them, it is a new training method to boost the catering sector. Enodis, which provides the kitchen equipment, has joined this project. Enodis also aims to support the apprentices and give them easier access to training.

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School of Madagascar with Guillaume Gomez

Guillaume Gomez, the chef of the Presidents of the French Republic at the Elysée Palace opened two hotel schools in Madagascar. These schools are part of Culinary Excellence. Through his establishment, the French Chef accompanies young professionals towards values of sharing and transmission. Through these schools, Chef Guillaume Gomez hopes to facilitate access to training in countries where the lack of material resources is an obstacle.

These schools will enable us to take in underprivileged children in order to provide them with a profession and a future. The first school was inaugurated in 2019, 10 students were able to receive 960 hours of classes.

This magnificent project was born out of the meeting between leaders of the Felix School Foundation, Father Pedro, Mathias and Gauthier Ismail, the charity OSO Madagascar (processing of organic gambas) and Chef Guillaume Gomez in 2018 with the same objective: to offer new professional opportunities to the school's students via the implementation of a cooking module.

Enodis supports this project by providing equipment, including a magnificent stove.

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Chefs & Solidaire de 


Chef & Solidaire is a partnership between Enodis and the Princess Margot charity organization which was created during the confinement in April 2020.

The aim of this partnership is to bring some sunshine and comfort into the lives of parents of sick children. With a very difficult social and sanitary context, parents sometimes find it difficult to organise their meals.

The Princess Margot charity improves the well-being of children and teenagers suffering from cancer and provides support for their families. Each donation helps to improve the daily lives of families confronted with paediatric cancer and to help doctors and care-givers. For Enodis, it was therefore an opportunity to help these families by offering them a little respite.

Chef & Solidaire delivered 100 meals a day, which took place for the first time from 28th April to 23rd May 2020 for the families of children suffering from cancer and hospitalised in Paris hospitals (IGR, St Louis and Necker). A Chef provided a recipe for the Enodis brigade who made it under the strictest health conditions and standards, under the direction of Grégory Cohen.

Many Chefs joined Enodis' team such as Sylvestre Wahid, Denny Imbroisi, Christophe Hay, David Alves, Cédric Béchade, Joël & Jauffrey Mauvigney, Thierry Marx, Yannick Tranchant, Juan Arbelaez, Vincent Ferniot, Stéphane Buron, Jean-Edern Hurstel, Valentin Neraudeau, Louis & Michel Chabran, Vivien Durand, Noëmie Honiat & Quentin Bourdy, Carinne Teyssandier, Nastasia Lyard and Grégory Cohen.

Several partners also participated in this project such as Hugo & Victor, Ferrero, Saint-Michel, Plantin, Mandar, Green K, Mammafiore, Boco & Unikeco. 

All these chefs offer gourmet and family recipes. Thanks to them, our partners, the Princess Margot charity and the Enodis teams, Chef & Solidaire has been able to deliver 2,000 meals to families to give them a little break from their difficult daily lives. This magnificent partnership continues to this day and other editions are already planned.

In addition to this one-off operation in 2020, Chef & Solidaire is committed to repeating initiatives to help the families of sick children as much as possible.

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2000 meals delivered

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